The blossoming lady

The blossom journey of bliss and beauty.

By introduction, I am a writer, film producer, media practitioner with a penchant for advertising and a gospel movie actress.

Welcome to my blog! Here, we will be discussing salient issues bothering on our becoming blossoming ladies that we were meant to be. Our concern is to live a blossom life with utmost fulfillment in our various endeavours – social, family, economic, cultural, personal drives, beliefs and visions and not  to say the least, religion. This applies to any dispensation that we are. Either as a wife, daughter, mother, partner, single, married, niece and so on and so forth. Without much prevaricating, let’s go together on this intriguing and blossomning journey of bliss and beauty. Happy sailing!


But it is important to sound to us a preemptive and precautionary note that the road may not be so rosy (just like all roads to success) There will be stiff oppositions hostilities, repressions, gagging and mufflings among others from the opposite sex and sometimes the society at large. Check out my next post for more exposition.

In order to encourage us,  let me intimate us with an interesting fact, worthy of note. Lorenzo Quinn was a master artist and one of his iconic creation is a sculpture, situated in different places in the US, Singapore and Monaco. It is a statue of women holding the world in different places. On the base of the sculptured statue is an inscription that reads, “The world, in our hands.” What can say more about the power of women than this impressive work of art? Don’t you agree? This power, is by God’s grace, one of the things this blog intends to spurn out from within us, for us to really blossom in life.


Ladies, let me leave you with this till next time. See you then. Cheers!

We are using this medium to pass our deeply heartfelt condolence to the family of the first female fighter pilot in Nigeria, Tolulope Arotile, who recently passed away under a strangely unexpected circumstance — she was hit by her friend, a former classmate, who was reversing in other to greet her. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.


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