The blossoming lady

10 women sadly prevented from living a blossom life from their inventions.

From our last discussion,  there is a need to talk about some women that were sadly prevented from living a blossom life through their inventions.


Below is a list of ten(10) of the great, outstanding women of formidable endowments and stature. They were cheated in one way or the other for their  well deserved full honour and tributes. But we proudly salute them for their extra ordinary achievements and contributions to the nobility of women in particular and the advancement of the cause of humanity in general.


1. Heidi Lemar

Heidi Lamar

A superstar and idol of the screen during the World War II era, Heidi Lamar, invented what she called then, “frequency hopping.” This will later become the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and  GPS. Her Invention which should have helped in preventing the US military radio from being bogged was neglected by the US government. She  was denied the credit by the same US government just for the singular reason of her gender. 

2. Ada Lovelace Ada Lovelace


Her innovation which she described as “The machine which will weave algebraic pattern just like jacquard loom weaves,” was fundamentally the brain behind the early computer. Despite being the daughter of Lord Byron (a literary legend of the late 19th century) Ada Lovelace was not spared the indignation of the gender inflamed bigotry. In another brazen show of sexism, this landmark work was not ascribed to her. 

3.Elizabeth  Magie Elizabeth Magie

Elizabeth Magie created what she called the “Landlord’s game,” in 1904 and published it in 1906. But in 1936, an opportunistic male, named Charles Darrow shrewdly stole the board design, renamed it, “The Monopoly” game and sold it to the Parker Brothers.

4.Vera Rubin 

Vera Rubin

“Dark matter,’ was the name given to the idea that stars were held together by some force. It was mutted by Vera Rubin, a highly cerebral woman among her peers. Sadly like others, she was pushed to the backstage.

5. Chien-Shiung – WuChien-Shiung Wu

The experiment of the electromagnetic interraction and uranium separation was first successfully performed by Chien – Shiung – Wu. Again, two men, Chen – Ning Yang and Tsung – Dao Lee later came forward with the same idea and were subsequently awarded the Nobel prize for physics in 1957.

6. Nettie Stevens

Nettie StevensJust like Chien – Shiung – Wu, her fellow scientist, another  man, E.B Wilson got the Nobel prize for  Nettie Stevens’s discovery of the XY chromosomes.

7. Rosalind Franklin 

Rosalind Franklin

Still on the same Nobel prize. Another man was swapped for Rosalind Franklin for the much coveted price for the structure of the DNA which was her sole achievement.

8. Mary Anderson 

Mary Anderson

It was an unfortunate act that the praise and the full appreciation for her invention, the windshield wiper(a very important automobile part) was not given to her.

 9. Caresse Crosby 

Carresse Crosby

Caresse was a 19 year old socialite who was angered by the clumsiness of her traditional corsets. She then decided to sew some pieces of clothes for more free comfort for her upper torso. This casual action led to the emergence of one of the most important woman’s under garments -The bra. Unfortunately, no credit was ascribed to her. Isn’t it so strange and odd that a woman can be denied the credit for inventing something  that is exclusively a woman thing? Think about that!

10. Susan Care 

Susan Kare

Susan Care was the unsong heroine that made Steve Jobs’s Mac, one of the most user friendly computer in the world.


Before we wrap up today, here’s a sad word from Chin Shing -Wu(one of the inventors mentioned earlier) She later said gloomily, “It still hurts me a bit that my work was overlooked for certain reasons.”

Sad and Angry woman


Such agonising, deeply, emotional words can be said to be an apparent offshoot and a sharp contrast from another kind of verbal outburst. This time, the outburst was from Charles Annan, a predatory male chauvinist who obviously was under the yoke of gender based superiority complex. He was the man that eventually stole the credit for the invention of the machine that produced the flat bottom paper bag.

This brings us to another great woman inventor that was sidelined. Margaret Knight was the original inventor of the landmark machine. She was not mentioned in the previous list because she actually ended up getting her patent and founding the first paper bag factory. and was called at that time. –  “The most popular woman inventor in America.” Talk about claiming your right back!

Nonetheless, Charles Annan at that time while gloating over his ill-gotten garland of success said ” No woman could ever invent such a machine. What a savage, patronizing statement.

See you next time. Cheers!







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