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Feminine characteristics in women that are helpful

Women togetherThere are lots of unique feminine characteristics that a woman can employ and be used as an advantage in order to blossom in life. Except for very few females, the difference between a woman and a man physically is completely obvious and clear. So also her biological, anatomical and physiological differences(apologies for being a little medically technical) but there are innate differences that extend all these, that differentiate a woman from a man.

These are the characteristics we want to look into. The idiosyncrasies that we as women can use to our advantage to achieve our aim and blossom. All women have both positive and negative traits in their natural existence (and also of course, men!) However, what we are dealing with are the positive ones believing in the notion that it is more effective to concentrate on your positive strength in order to douse the negative ones.

In the previous post, it was consistently emphasized that women should look into their inner potency and endowments that can be used to their advantage rather than confrontational standoffs with men. Before we begin with the attributes, it is to be on the record, as with all demographics and statistics that the generalized outcome or upheld notion is not always 100% correct or foolproof but it’s based on the majority side it swings to. There are bound to be exceptions in the common characteristics observed in women that will be discussed.

Also, some exclusive attributes like sexually that can be exploited by some women for immorally induced gratifications are excluded(note our reservations on Marilyn Monroe in our last post) These are woman peculiarities that can be channeled positively for greatness and blossom.

Experts on interpersonal relationships have discovered that women notice signs and body language more than men. This is a very valuable attitude that can reveal a lot of important and hidden gestures in transactions and dealings.

Women tend to avoid conflicts(not to mention a few intransigent females. There are exceptions that we discussed earlier) We’re not talking about phenomenal female squabbles and bickerings but real violent clashes like war and battles. These feminine trait can be used to avoid unnecessary draining of every valuable resource like human, material, time, and the rest. Talk about a world without war if women are in charge!

Also according to medical experts, women use the right hemisphere of the brain more and men use the left side more.The implication of this is that women tend to use more words and emotions than men in conversations. This will positively give the advantage of gaining the upper hand in negotiations if applied properly.

Women are always instinctively calm during stress than men. This is due to the presence of  the hormone – oestrogen in women as against testosterone in men. This also accounts for the volatile and rage spirit in men. A trait that can be found even in the gentlest of men.The contrast nature of women in this regard can be turned into a virtue to be in charge of situations.

The following three are related feminine characteristics that can give women the ability to manage on the spot situations and circumstances.They are:

  • The capability to concentrate more on stationary objects than moving ones.

  • Remembering where things are.

  • Navigating on things and issues(like adresses)

There are other equally important inner characteristics of women that can be channeled as strengths to blossom in life. These include:

  • Women like to solve problems and not overlook it casually while men love to overestimate problems ten and anticlimax it.

  • Women have the tendency to really pay attention and get to the real roots of the problem.

  • Have a better sense of smell and hearing.

  • Have the tendency of possessing more team spirit.

  • The propensity to weigh more options lies with women. If done objectively, this can eliminate narrowmindedness.

  • The persistence and opinionated stance of a woman in some discourse can be deployed for success in gaining influence.

  • Can also be more intuitive than men.

  • The child spirit in a woman can be channelled to make her living a simplified and free-minded life instead of being frivolous and complicated.

  • One tricky and unconventional attribute of women is silence. Because women naturally talk more than men, it might not be a common occurrence for a woman to refrain from such but if she does, it is a weapon, since she is also a ‘calculating listener.’

  • Another tricky attribute is high esteem vis a vis morality and this in comparison to men. A woman with high esteem tilts to a less promiscuous habit in reverse to a man who according to some study can philander more.

  • It is however pertinent to say here that these and any other gainful characteristics are, as said earlier for majority and not all women.

In his insightful book, ‘Men are from Mars, women are from Venus,’ John Gray, a notable psychologist and relationship expert dealt rather more on the difference between the two sexes(our focus today is on the advantageous ones for us women).

Ladies, let me leave you with this till next time. See you then. Cheers!


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