The blossoming lady

The blossoming lady
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The blossoming lady

Blossoming as a mum


Being a mum is a thing of joy especially if one attains that phase of ones life at the ripe time. A mum, otherwise known as a mother is a woman in relation to her child or children.

As being a mum can be a thing of joy as said earlier, so also in some cases and crisis, it maybe frustrating and dejecting especially when the woman had the child when she was not ready, when the child or children prove to be challenging or a certain situation(the father, whether married to her or not is not ready to accept the baby etc) or the economic situation is to blame. All this and much more we will discuss at length.

Permit me to start by saying that a female or woman is made up of many parts. We all know of course that a female is a woman or a girl. This is an individual of the sex that is typically capable of bearing young or producing eggs. She is fearfully and wonderfully made by God to be a daughter, sister, wife, mother etc. Please check my introduction for more info. All these areas of a woman we will be discussing extensively on this blog.

There is the need to therefore break them into different series in order to discuss each role extensively and accordingly.

We would be starting with the series on how to blossom as a mum. It is one thing to be a mother, it is another thing to be fulfilled and be happy as one. Hence, the title: Blossoming as a mum. In this article, we would learn as a mother how to be fulfilled and be happy in our day-to-day relationship with our children.

Interactively, at the end of each post or series, I would like you to also share your opinions and experiences with me and let’s rub minds together as a woman!

For the sake of easy digestion and comprehension, I have decided to break the series into subs. Only the first one will be treated on this post.


You don’t want to miss any of these forth-coming posts because we will be touching areas of expression as a mum to her child in places like domestic, school(including homework)religion, peer groups, marriage, childbearing and so on, depending on the age categories.

Blossoming as a pregnant mum

Let me start by saying that being a mum must begin from the day you discover you are pregnant. You begin to relate with your baby! Sounds interesting? Yeah! Relating with your unborn baby Unborn Babymay not be something that many pregnant women discuss openly. Obviously, because it may sound or look weird but it is the truth. This relationship produces a kind of bond (between the two of you or three or four in the case of twins etc)Unborn twins.Your pregnancy period can be the perfect time to start forming an attachment with them.

Whether it is your first issue or not. And even whether you did not plan to have a baby at that time.

Every pregnancy and every pregnant woman is unique. Form a bond. Baby is coming out!

If you have experienced a miscarriage before, you may find it hard to think positively about the pregnancy. Pregnancy can now be a seemingly difficult time, and you may feel so overwhelmed with the pregnancy and impending motherhood. As you grow closer to your estimated due date(EDD) you may get more worried, dejected and restless. There might nearly never be a time of expression of joy in your condition from within you, not to even talk of a connection with your baby.

Here are some hints you can try to help you blossom as an expectant mother. You might want to consider keeping a small handbook on your pregnancy in order to write down your experiences. Be honest with yourself. Talk about how you feel also – Happy someday, sad another day. Then take appropriate steps to overcome it and blossom.

Blossoming hint #1: talk to your baby

Even though you have no idea what your baby looks like, you can still talk to her. When your baby is born, she will recognise your voice whenever she hears it. She will remember your voice because she has spent months listening to you. “Hi cutie, cutie!” “I love you, baby,” “Hello sweetie, how are you today? Then you get a nudge back. Baby kicks! Spend some time each day talking to your baby, telling her about the things you will do together, and how you are feeling that day. You may find that your baby responds to the sound of your voice, and begins kicking and nudging you as you talk. Remember to pray for your baby too and sing for her. If you were given scan pictures at your antenatal appointments, spend time to look at them carefully even though you may not understand these photos.

Blossoming hint #2: Nudge Back

Play with your baby by responding to her movements, gently poke back when she nudges you, and see what she does. You can also rub your belly in the area you feel movements. For now, your baby’s only method of communication is bumps, kicks and nudges. Try sitting down to rest. You will notice baby particularly active at this time more. When baby kicks, you are happy. You’re happy baby’s alive. Baby blossoms, mother blossoms.

Blossoming hint #3: Get Dad involved

If you are married, it’s not just you who wants to develop a lasting bond with your baby and blossom. Baby Dad would like to blossom too like mother and child. He would love to share out of the fun. When he does this, you are happy or even happier. So, the next time you feel the baby kick, place your partner’s hands over your tummy so that he can feel the movements too, and let him respond by rubbing your bump in the same spot. He could also read baby a book. This helps to develop a stronger bond with you, baby and the dad-to-be.

I will share with you 7 more hints in our next post. Until then, it’s bye for now. Cheers!




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