The blossoming lady

The blossoming lady

10 easy ways to blossom as a pregnant mum.

A missed period is definitely the most obvious sign that you are pregnant. When you are a few days or weeks into pregnancy, your body begins to give indications about pregnancy. Then the symptoms of pregnancy generally appear during the first week of conception. At this time you may either be excited if it is something you’ve been looking for or unhappy, sad and worried if the pregnancy is unwanted.

It is true that pregnant women have a higher risk of negative feelings, excessive worrying and even depression due to homomal changes. This emotional toll does not only affect you but also your baby’s health. Studies have shown that the happier a woman is during pregnancy the lower the risk of the baby having some health challenges.

You sure want to end this pregnancy trip  joyfully and also want your baby to come out looking healthy and beautiful in the long run. You therefore can choose to be happy. This happiness from within brings joy and makes you blossom all round. Here are ten simple ways to be happy and blossom as a pregnant mum.

Blossoming hint #1: Staying positive each day

Pregnant positively

This is one very great way to blossom as a pregnant mum. When your mind is right you’re able to think well and when you think well, you act well. This is not to say there won’t be times when you’re not down. A mood like this may be inevitable. There is absolutely no negative thing you can not think about at this time. When this happens, you switch back to staying positive in your line of thoughts for yourself and your baby, quickly. How? 1. Feed your mind with the right thoughts. 2. Read good books,(whether ebooks or hard copies) 3. Listen to good music. 4. Move around with positive thinking friends and 5. Read your Bible.

Here are some of the benefits of staying positive:

  • helps to check anxiety
  • reduces stress and worry
  • Gives you an optimistic view to life
  • promotes your self-awareness
  • helps to boost your self confidence
  • promotes good sleep
  • helps to control pain
  • decrease blood pressure

All of these benefits can result in a happier pregnancy.

Blossoming hint #2:Talk to your baby

Pregnant babyPregnant baby

Even though you have no idea what your baby looks like, you can still talk to her. When  your baby is born, she will recognise your voice whenever she hears it. She will remember your voice because she has spent months listening to you. “Hi cutie, cutie!” “I love you, baby,” “Hello sweetie, how are you today?” Then you get a nudge back. Baby kicks! Spend some time each day talking to your baby, telling her about the things you will do together, and how you are feeling that day. You may find that your baby responds to the sound of your voice, and begins kicking and nudging you as you talk. Remember to pray for your baby too and sing for her. The excitement of this hint becoming a reality soon, really helps you as a pregnant mum to blossom.

Blossoming hint#3: Prod back

Pregnant Prod back

Play with your baby by responding to her movements. Gently poke back when she nudges you, and see what she does. You can also rub your belly in the area you feel movements. For now, your baby’s only method of communication is bumps, kicks and nudges. Try sitting down to rest. You will notice baby particularly active at this time more. When baby kicks, you are happy. You’re happy baby’s alive. Baby blossoms, mother blossoms.

Blossoming hint #4: Get Baby Dad involved


Pregnant Dad Husband Pregnant Dad Husband

If you are married, it’s not just you who wants to develop a lasting bond with your baby and blossom. Baby Dad would like to blossom too like mother and child. He would love to share out of the fun. When he does this, you are happy or even happier. So, the next time you feel the baby kick, place your partner’s hands over your tummy so that he can feel the movements too, and let him respond by rubbing your bump in the same spot. You can also ask him to read baby a book. This helps to develop a stronger bond with you, baby and dad-to-be. Daddy and baby blossom and you too as well. Pregnancy period is also a great time to enjoy your sex life with your partner.

Blossoming hint #5: Pamper yourself

Now here is a sure way to really blossom. You really need to pamper yourself when you are pregnant. 1. Take a long bath or extra showers regularly.Pregnant showers 2. Eat healthily. Ensure a balanced diet.Women who indulge in their cravings often tend to gain more weight than is generally considered healthy during a pregnancy. This can lead to a higher rate of complication.Pregnant showers

3. A prenatal massage can help you relax, ease out a backache, swellings, relieving some muscle tension. and improving circulation. Getting a certified masseuse for a massage therapy can be of great help if you’re feeling down, worried or depressed. Hence your overall health is improved. Pregnant massage

4. Get your groove on by being tasteful in your dressing. As your pregnancy advances so also the size and type of clothes you would wear will differ. Add an element of style to what you want to buy or what you want your fashion designer to give you. Pregnant woman style

5. Depending on when you choose to sleep just stick to the rule – Sleep a lot and sleep very well. Inadequate sleep can lead to depression, unwanted weight gain, increased inflammation, and a suppressed immune system. A lack of sleep can also impair a person’s ability to regulate emotions and interact socially.Pregnant woman sleeping 6. If preparing meals or housechores becomes overwhelming, hire help or get a relative. Older children and hubby are not left out in this responsibility. Calling on a friend for some helping hand isn’t too much either.Pregnant woman help domestic work

The list is endless. Think of many other ways to also pamper yourself. Give yourself a treat and blossom in your pregnancy!

Blossoming hint #6: Prepare for labor

Pregnant woman prepare for labour

Knowing what to expect can help put your mind at ease. One advantage of preparing for labor ahead of time is that you are able to plan and make decisions well. This will lead to better health outcomes — which of course should definitely make you blossom by the day!

For example, research shows that having continuous support during labor leads to better birth outcomes. Therefore, consider working with a doula, who can share their experience and support throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth.

By preparing for labor in advance and seeking support, you can plan for upcoming decisions and challenges. This will help to lower your stress.


Blossoming hint #7: Give yourself to exercise

Pregnant woman exercise

The ability to exercise has been proven to reduce anxiety and feelings of depression. Exercise will help increase the amount of endorphins produced by the body. This not only can it  bring feelings of happiness, but help reduce feelings of pain.You don’t have to work yourself up in a tedious exercise routine to see this result.Talk to your doctor about exercises that are safe for you to get you going on and blossoming.


Blossoming hint #8: Remember loved ones


Spending time with people you care about and care about you can really go a long way to make you blossom, reduce stress and decrease anxiety. This helps you feel connected to them. Get that phone and talk to that loved one or simply send a message. Crack jokes together and get some laughs.This brings a very strong hand of encouragement and support during your pregnancy.

In addition, researchTrusted Source has shown that women adjust better during the transition to motherhood when they have satisfying, authentic relationships.


Blossoming hint  #9: Wear your parenting cap


The state of motherhood is a rewarding experience, but this is only for those who are mentally prepared and conscious of the challenges. So do some research, read books and ask questions from experts and other mothers. Your mother will be of great help here too. My mum really was to me.This is even the best time to improve your communication with your parents. Sharing their understanding of how they brought up you and your siblings will definitely prove helpful.

Grab the opportunity to educate yourself enough about parenting if this is your first. Don’t wait till when baby comes out. And if this is not your first, there is always room for learning. The way you took care of your last may differ slightly from how you will for the new baby now and the next and the next. Things are changing. You need to update yourself and move with the flow.There is sure no way you won’t blossom tremendously if you are better equipped for the future.

Blossoming hint  #10: Shopping for Baby


Pregnant woman shopping

Shopping for little cutie and setting up the nursery before baby’s arrival can be much fun but do not let this overwhelm you. Mother and baby cotAlways keep in mind that the baby just needs basics like food, shelter, clothes, and diapers. So be prudent and plan for your finances in advance too. There will certainly be a shift in expenses once baby arrives also. Be flexible and prepare yourself for all kinds of possibilities while pregnant. Keep an open mind. When you do not plan all these ahead, worry and nervousness might increase as your EDD draws closer, resulting in a feeling of negativity rather than blossoming.

Interactively, at the end of each post or series, I would like you to please share your opinions and experiences with me and let’s rub minds together as a woman! See you next time!





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